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    My Ortho Surgeon has told me that surgery for my TPF may not be necessary but may help to reduce the chance of arthritis in the future. His recommendation is to go ahead with the surgery based on my age (27) and desire to continue living an active lifestyle. I’m 10 days out now and the earliest my surgeon can get me in will be 15 days from the incident. The fracture is a relatively mild Type II (lateral fracture with depression). A CT scan showed a max depression of 4.9mm which is apparently right on the line for recommended surgery. I’m not in a much pain and still have fairly good range of motion but I’m a little worried that surgery might change that.

    I would be very interested to hear if anyone was faced with a similar decision. Did anyone have the surgery and regret it or vice-versa?


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      I didn’t have insurance when I broke mine at age 21. I couldn’t afford the surgery let alone time away from work, so I chose not to have surgery. Now I’m 26, had to switch professions, have a gimp walk, can predict weather, don’t have anything close to full range of motion, and am about to get arthritis cleaned out. I had to do what made sense at the time, but looking back I could have found away to get the money for the surgery.

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