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    I fell off of the 4th rung of a ladder into a shower stall while painting on August 2nd. I might add that I’m a 57 year old female that was used to walking 18-20 miles per week with road biking 30 miles or so additionally per week as well. So I was in pretty good shape before my injury.

    Initial ER report was no fracture but I was sent home in an immobilizer brace and on crutches. That was fortunate, because after a follow-up appointment with my Ortho doc a few days later (who did meniscus surgery less than two years ago on the same knee) it was determined I actually had a non-displaced tibia fracture directly under my knee. He didn’t call it a tibia plateau injury as such, but he doesn’t normally talk ‘medical term specific speak’.

    Anyway…after an MRI…he drained my knee and sent me home with a hinged brace and I have been total NWB since. I have been fortunate per his instruction to be able to set the brace slowly from 80 to 120 Flexion and 20 to 0 Extension since my injury.

    On Sept 8th the new x-ray looked pretty promising, but he said he wanted me to still stay NWB for three more weeks. I’m anxious to go back on the 29th for the next set of x-rays. He said if all still looked good I MAY be able to do partial WB for two weeks..and then progress to full WB from there.

    I’m wondering what to expect once I start to put weight on it. Will the swelling and tingling start to go away? Do most people use a cane while progressing from crutches to no support? Can I expect to be able to walk at a decent pace for 3 miles and possible bike ride by spring of 2015 if I am conscientious about my PT? Some things I have been reading say it can take up to a year to fully recover and that disheartens me. My leg looks pretty pitiful when I remove the brace to sit in the shower.

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      Thanks for the encouragement…I know this too shall pass, but I’m so ready for it to pass!!

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      It gets better, but it takes time. At 3 months post-surgery, my swelling is gone, the scar is manageable, and biking is recommended.

      I hope you heal well.


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      Hi, Julia.

      I had a pretty bad leg injury (on top of the TPF I also had a knee dislocation, 3 breaks in the fibula, and a long vertical split in the tibia. I was NWB and in a wheelchair for 15 weeks.

      2.5 weeks ago I was given the OK to get out of the wheelchair and start weight bearing. Bad news: It hurt and still does. Good news: the pain is not anything near the pain I had experienced with the initial injury and those first few weeks post surgery.

      I started with crutches and within 8 days I moved onto a cane. What I have gathered from my doctor and physical therapists there is a reason that I will be back on a bike and hiking by the spring of 2015…provided I continue working on my strengthen exercises.

      I would imagine the same holds true for you. Like me, it sounds like you were active and in good shape to begin with. Just continue to work on your ROM and strength.

      Have faith.

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