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    Hi, it’s great to read others’ stories! I am 8.5 weeks post injury and 7.5 weeks post-op. I had a grade 4 TPF, communited and displaced. The top was just shattered in to pieces apparently. Have a plate and 9 screws with a few pins for good measure! Totally non weight bearing still, but I’m getting much better on crutches!!
    My question is, at my last post-op surgical visit, I was told that the bone isn’t growing back at all. I had a bone graft inserted and that’s all the bone that’s there on X-ray. The surgeon has mentioned another major surgery (or more) which I’m not keen for, but if it had to be…. Has anyone else had this issue with the bone not regrowing and an osteotomy performed? I’ve got lots of swelling in the knee and ankle and am in a ROM brace, but can only get to 40 degrees. Started with a new PT yesterday who has given me some great exercises, so fingers crossed!
    Good luck everyone!

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