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    Does anybody else have a tibial spine avulsion?

    I injured my knee (fractured tibia) on July 13th, 6 weeks of crutches, wheelchair, and NWB, and have just started going to PWB. Doc says I should be walking in 2 weeks, without crutches.

    Does anybody else have an avulsion? I would like to share healing experiences.

    Best of Health, LisaB

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      Cheers Lisa,
      You have such a positive outlook. I have physio organised for next Tuesday. The brace is off next Thursday. I will ask about the bike but it sounds good to me. It’s time I found a proper use for it instead of just using it as a clothes horse!!
      Best wishes,

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      Hi Lesley – with the exercise bike, in order to cope with a limited ROM, I raised the seat quite high – I started with 80 degrees and am now at 110 degrees of ROM – the bike really helps.

      Hang in there – I think the psychological part of this injury is the hardest – it takes so long to heal, and if you’re an active person like me (hiking, running, mountain climbing), it can seem like you’re never going to do those things again.

      But you will.

      Best regards – LISAB (SF Bay area)

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      Thanks LisaB,
      A very encouraging post. I am a little behind you at 7 weeks post surgery with grafts, a plate and screws. I have just started PWB but I am still in my leg brace till next week and I have to use my walker for support. I am consciously walking heel toe to let my brain know this is how it is done. I am waiting for physio and becoming impatient as I feel this is the key to my recovery as I do not yet have a good ROM and my knee is very stiff. It is quite hard to reach the ground with my injured leg without the weight of the leg brace. I am interested in your use of the exercise bike as I do have one at home but I do not want to overdo it without some expert advice. Has that helped a lot with ROM? I am also heartened by you climbing the stairs as I have had to live downstairs for the past 2 months and I can’t wait for my own bed and a lovely hot shower! That’s my goal over the next 2 to 3 weeks – to go upstairs. Very best wishes to you and keep posting positive outcomes as they are seriously motivating for people like me.
      Health and happiness in your recovery.
      Lesley ( UK )

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      Hi everyone – I started walking without crutches on Monday, September 8th, exactly 8 weeks after my tibial spine avulsion. I’m doing several PT exercises, and the recovery is coming along well. I can even climb a few stairs, although going down is more difficult.

      My advice – do everything your PT tells you to do – to 120%. Here’s my regimen:
      3x daily – 30 leg lifts
      3x daily – 30 quad tightening exercises (this one really helps with knee extension)
      3x daily – 15 minutes on an exercise bike – (makes a big difference on ROM knee flexion)
      3x daily – leg press with 60 pound weights – this also helps a lot

      Best of Health to all – LISAB

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      Hi all, I started PT yesterday. For the next two weeks, I am transitioning from two crutches, to one crutches, to full weight bearing. It will have been 8 weeks since I fell 30 feet off of a mountain in the High Sierra Nevada in California. Here are the exercises my PT has prescribed for me:

      1. Straight Leg Raise – 3 reps of 10-12 leg raises, twice per day
      2. Quad Sets – tightening the quad muscle, 3 reps of 10 tightens, twice daily
      3. Sitting knee flexion – Bend right knee as much as possible

      My ROM was 30 degrees of flex at first. When I went to my PT, I had 89 degrees of flexion, and -15 degrees of extension. After a bit of work, I was able to get to 105 degrees of flexion, and -7 degrees of extension. My normal range of motion is 139 of flexion, and 0 degrees of extension.

      Hope all of this information helps – Best of health, folx -= LisaB

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      Because of my FABULOUS motorcycle skills (sarcasm), I suffered a type 6 TPF, a major knee dislocation, 3 fractures to the fibia, and a vertical fracture of the tibia through most of the tibia’s length.

      I have been NWB since then, but in ONE WEEK I hope this will change with my next doctor’s appointment.

      I have been in physical therapy, but I do lots of leg lifts, knee bends, and calf stretching. I have also been doing some “rolling” of the foot to mimic the action of the foot’s roll during a step.

      I am happy to hear the good news, Tom! Getting out of this injury with intact strength and ROM is certainly a blessing!

      Take care and good healing to you all!

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      Tom Arnold

      Yep, my diagnosis is: Right knee injury with vertical shear medial femoral condyle and medial tibial plateau fracture with involvement of posterior tibital spine and anterior tibital spine.

      Happened two weeks ago, and since then I’ve been in a full leg cast with NWB for 6 weeks (no surgery). Had x-rays today and the doctor said it’s healing really well, so after the 6 weeks (4 more weeks to go) they will remove the cast and replace it with a brace set to 20 degrees and gradually increase weight bearing and movement.

      So I was really happy with the news today, particularly when they said that it wouldn’t need surgery and that I should regain full strength and ROM. Hooray! Plus I have stopped having to take the morphine, so I can finally concentrate properly on talking, reading, and writing. Definitely lots of positive stuff going on. And my wheelchair arrives tomorrow so I’ll be able to go much further when I decide to go out with my wife and daughters. 🙂

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