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    Sandra Laurie

    Hi, I have just found this site I am grateful for all the advice & information from fellow sufferers of tpf.
    I have been in full leg cast for the last 6 weeks NWB and I am seeing my OS tomorrow to be fitted with a hinged brace for the next 6 weeks NWB.What should I expect to be able to do as regards to movement as I am feeling rather anxious about it after no movement for so long?

    Thanks for all the useful tips in helping occupy the time as this is the part I am finding to be the most challenging.I am usually always doing something and get so frustrated with myself in my inability to do very little.
    I am extremely lucky to have had lots of help from friends & family but find I still get low from time to time.I feel unable to tell them how I feel so it feels therapeutic to vent on here.
    Most of the time I am positive,I just want to know more about what to expect over the next few weeks & hopefully be doing more to aid my recovery.


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      Ohhh, Scotland! I have always wanted to visit. That is the home of my family originally (unless one is native American, all Americans have family roots somewhere else).

      I started physical therapy with a 10 degree bend of the knee, with the doctor asking for 90 degrees within 5 weeks. I was able to do it. I worked with PT and in my own time I did leg slides. On a bed, several times a day, simply slide the heel of your injured leg towards you as much as you can, then control slide back down. Again, heating the knee and muscle relaxing helps before doing this.

      I noticed that I would seem to plateau with no advancement in ROM or strength, then one day…BOOM…I could move my leg much, much more or have much more strength in it. This when back and forth for, well, hell, it’s still happening!

      Hold on it there. This WILL get better.

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      Thanks Lisa,your words of advice are appreciated and I tried to relax as much as I could.I asked if I could play some music while they were working on my leg.The staff were fantastic & created a kind of party atmosphere which was great fun.
      At the hospital yesterday & was fitted with a hinged cast so that my leg is as stable as possible & then after 4 weeks I will get a hinged brace.
      I am at 40 ROM and to get to 120 within the next 4 weeks.I have to proceed at my own pace but do not want to be either too cautious or impatient, any tips would be appreciated.
      I live in the Highlands of Scotland & I am wondering if there are any others on this site from my neck of the woods?
      Good luck to all fellow sufferers.

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      Hello, and welcome to the club!

      Try not to be anxious about movement of that leg. In fact, anxiety will counter-act your goals.

      Here is what I experienced: Because on top of my TPF I had a badly dislocated knee. The big muscle in your thigh will want to stay flexed and tight because your body will want to naturally protect that knee, causing less movement to occur.

      I had to mentally visualize the muscles relaxing as I SLOWLY began to work on gentle range of motion movements. Go slow with as much fluidity in the motion as you can. Remember, this is a long race, not a sprint. If you can get into physical therapy, do it.

      Heat helps loosen the muscles and joints. Ice is used for the treatment of swelling. Get used to using both.

      Good luck to you!

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