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    Hello fellow TPF survivors!

    My story….41 yr old…dismounted from a horse on uneven ground and my femur broke my tibia. Left leg, left side on August 20, 2014. A week later on August 28, 2014, I had reconstructive surgery, which included a plate and 7 screws. I was a very active horse rider/trainer, so this was a huge blow for me…not that it wouldn’t be for anyone for that matter. But, I found this site/forum very helpful and wanted to give back with my story.

    I was stuck upstairs in my room for about 3 weeks after the surgery as I only used pain meds for 4 days after surgery and IB helped with pain, but it was excruciating. I pushed myself to do my stretches everyday, twice a day. Got out to see my horses at 3 weeks, it was tough to stand even with crutches. Over time, I built up a tolerance and kept at it…my horses where a huge motivator for me to get out and push myself.

    So, I just saw my OS a couple days ago and he gave me the go ahead to walk full weight bearing on Monday, November 18, 2014. I was also given the go ahead to start riding my horses again in the next two weeks. This recovery has taken just about 3 months for me. I can’t say that I don’t need 800mg of IB on a fairly regular basis with the activity, but the activity has helped me recover much more quickly. It is so easy to lay in bed and feel sorry for yourself, and I did plenty of that, crying wondering why, why did this happen to me. So, I would wipe my tears and do something productive, which helped immensely.

    I will check back and let you know how it is to get back on my horses. As much fun as riding is, I have a feeling it will be a bit painful for a while, but at least I will be doing something I love.

    Good luck everyone. Stay positive and try to keep pushing forward….even though it hurts. It will pay off for you. :}

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      Tammy Barrett


      Good to hear your riding! cant wait until I can. Never thought about the weakness in the leg muscle confusing her!! more reason to strengthen my leg!!

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      This is very nice to read. It’s always good to find people to relate to who have suffered a similar injury. I shattered my tibial plateau on may long weekend 2014. I over vaulted in a mounted games competition. Two weeks ago I got my mare out of the pasture and had a legit ride for the first time. It felt great. I am still lacking so much muscle in my leg that it really confuses her, but we are working on it and strengthening together. It’s been a really long road with two surgeries and lots of physio. However I’m starting to feel like I’m on the road to recovery.

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      Eileen Good for you. I am now going to barn. Just being with horses helps. Lots of snow so I will wait until spring to ride. My leg still has to loosen up. My knee get and ankle get stiff and sore but not anything an Advil won’t help(IP). 4.5 months post op. Have fun. Pauline

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      hey horse crazy,
      I also am a horse owner, and my horse accidentally kicked my causing my TPF, she was spooked by something in the pasture when she came into the barn she started trotting, she stepped on the tip of my left boot, when I pulled it out she clocked the inside of my right knee, I call it the perfect storm. I had my surgery with 7 pins, plate and cadaver bone. it will be a long long long recovery. I am at the 7 wk mark, I am told I probably wont walk without aid, i.e., crutch, walker, for about 4 more months. aye, I about cant take it at times.

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      My left leg is injured, so I mount from the right side. And, although my hardware is on the outside, I did have pain on the inside when I tried to leg-cue. I wish you well.


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      HorseCrazy, was your plate on the inside of your leg or the outside? I still haven’t been back on (surgery was Sept 10/14) and worry I won’t be able to put my leg on without feeling the plate and/or the screws.

      Another question is how you got on? I am also left leg and am wondering about the lift and turn.

      Last but not least, I was wondering if you are using some sort of brace for the cold. I’m not sure how far north you are but I find my knee/leg really doesn’t like the cold.

      I haven’t been given the all clear to ride as I don’t hit three months until next week and don’t see the OS until Dec 16th. Hopefully I am worrying unnecessarily.

      Thanks in advance…

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      I am close to your age, dismounted badly, had a very bad TPF, and was able to get on my horse after three months. At six months, just yesterday, I took a pleasant short ride. I hope you are able to return to your horses soon.


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      So glad you posted.I came off my horse September 15/14. Had a tbf inner articular. Surgery didn’t happen until the 29th. I am lucky that I can get around our house quite easily in a wheelchair. I use a walker other than that at home. I live with 3 German Shepherds that try to be careful but you never know.Big screw up with Pt who did not do as OS said and had be locked up in brace until Nov.3 only unlocked for ROM. I am now at about 95-100. Really worried but new PT said it will be fine?? I hardly get to see my horses but I can’t wait to ride again. Please let me know how it goes. Any suggestions for starting again. I am 61 and have always rode and hiked. I agree that you have to keep busy. There is lot,s you can do from the chair if you try.
      It is okay to get down and weepy but don’t stay there. It’s not forever.

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