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    I had my six-week appointment at the fracture clinic this morning (which was actually 7.5 weeks after the accident) to get the cast off and see what the x-rays said.

    They couldn’t have scripted everything to be more perfect.

    The fracture in the medial condyle isn’t visible on the x-rays anymore, the fracture in the lateral condyle is but has unionized and the callus looks great, and the entry through the meniscus has closed up and my ACL looks just fine. The tibial plateau is overall at 60% healed, I’ve been cleared for any and all exercises that are NWB, and I’ve got a baseline knee bend of about 40 degrees right off the bat. And instead of needing to keep off it for another three months, it’s just another six weeks to go before I can start walking completely.

    But the best news? I’ve been cleared to ride my bicycle AND get on my scooter, albeit the latter with caution (“Don’t fall on it” were my OS’s exact words).

    Man, but does this ever feel like my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one 😀

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      Hi Christina – now that is wonderful news! I think the doctors are essentially careful, and don’t want to overpromise. I had good news yesterday as well. After being NWB for 6 weeks after my accident (tibial spine avulsion injury), I was told that the knee is strong and the bone has healed. My doctor told me to start putting 25% weight on it with two crutches for one week, and every 3 days going to more and more weight. Next week I am going down to a single crutch (interestingly, on the opposite side of my injury – my right knee was injured, so I am to use my left crutch).
      After 2 weeks, No more crutches and I can start walking.

      I am starting physical therapy today, twice/week for the next several months, and hope to be running in 4 weeks.

      Good news for us – Best, LisaB

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      Thanks Lesley 🙂 I went in, steeling myself for bad news, and came out feeling like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one.

      Until I started bending my knee. Holy hell! I was expecting discomfort and pain, but wow, does it hurt after not being moved for so long.

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      Hi Christina,
      Great news. You must be feeling over the moon tonight. Some freedom at last. So pleased for you and I’ m sure the others on the forum will be too. Good luck.

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