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    I had surgery on Tuesday Jan 7,2020 so pretty resent just started to reading the forums. I am going to be NWB for 12 weeks. Originally was on crutches (nightmare) but my Physio Therapist put me on a two wheeled walker and it’s so much easier than crutches. It is not like the nice seating walkers but is heavy duty steal. I am still hopping but at least I feel a lot safer and way more comfortable.
    So you might want to try one out.

    Thank you for this site it has already helped.

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      Thanks – I love my walker (cheap-o Walmart variety), especially for using the loo, or getting up-right from sitting on a couch. I like the stability of it. I also like using it first thing in the morning – when shoulders are sore and just want the lowest risk solution to get from point a to point b. But, I find myself walking at half the speed of crutches (and 1/10th the speed of the wheelchair), so buyer beware! Get well soon.

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