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    Well what can i say i have the worst kinf of tpf displaced and had surgery needing bonegraphs plates screws to reconstruct it after a horae riding incident
    Im now nearly 12 wks in an still only allowed to do partial weight bearing…
    My life the past few months have been terrible to say the least its only latelt i can get out more but for long trips i do have to use a wheelchair…and im stil concerned i dont have enough ROM
    I am about to start hydrotherapy n have a xray next week to check my recovery… Fingers crossed i can learn to walk again however im not looking forward to the pain to say im scared is an understatement

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      marion gibbins

      try not to be scared a good physio will take you through it step by step ,mine was first between parrallel bars and then using scales to balance your weight out .Being scared tenses your muscles and makes it harder for them to work .Try pool work ,practice walking in the pool

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      I no u are right i will ride again im just worried tht this injury can easily re occur.
      Its been hard eapecially as a single mum iv had to rely on my mum for help.. All im lookong forward to now is being able to walk again but even after 3 months it seems so far away

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      I hear ya Lindsay.

      I came so close to losing my leg, so when I think of getting back on my motorcycle I have such mixed feelings; fear being one of them.

      But guess what. That fear is normal for what we have been through. You CAN’T help but to have those feelings after the trauma you, I, and others who are unfortunate enough to need this site have experienced. It helps to be able to talk to someone about all of this, and that’s where this site is so helpful.

      For me a lot of here-and-now thinking has helped. I can’t worry about tomorrow until tomorrow gets here. Today I will do exercises to bend my knee, do some self care, read, and watch some Netflix.

      Today, you don’t need to sell your horse. And you will deal with tomorrow’s issues tomorrow. Take each day like that if you can.

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      Aww thank you good to know im not alone im sure ul be like me and able to PWB i think my movement is coming back slowly on its own without me pushing my self n getting worried…i am worried tht when they say i can fully weight bare that im not goin to be able to due to being to scared… My aim is to ride again was hoping i wud be able to after 6 months but now i no tht isnt possible its been a slow recovery so far and after reading stories on here im prob looking at a year which means il have to sell my horse..also im scared tht if i do ride if i had a fall the leg could very easily do this again 🙁 i no its all future but cnt help but worry bout this whole thing the fact i spent weeks in hospital n then weeks not even being able to move almost killed me

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      Hang in there.

      I had a knee dislocation, a vertical tibia fracture, 3 fractures to my fibia, as well as type 6 TPF. I had 2 surgeries and 2 plates and 14 screws placed in my tibia to fix the mess I caused in a motorcycle crash.

      I am still NWB, after 14 weeks (although I see my dr in a few days I hope I can start bearing weight). You need to give it time. You may be amazed at what hydrotherapy may do for you.

      Keep the ability to smile. Keep working the knee bend slowly and gently. Keep your mind occupied with activities so you don’t get too frustrated. Visit this site regularly for support.

      I wish you the best!

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