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My Name is Shlomi.

I suffered my Tibial Plateau fracture type III on 05.01.13, I got hit by a car while crossing the street on a pedestrian crossing, Surgery on 16.01, FWB on 01.03, and to the date of writing this (21.09) I am still in recovery.

I built this webpage after having felt that there is not enough information about TPF, and specifically the recovery period and the personal aspect involved, such as the effects of the injury on daily life. Im also hoping that by finding this site visitors will find it easier to reach all the other information and communities out there on the web.

Feel free to look around and to contact me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Welcome to the club, and I hope you find site is useful.

Please use the forum page to share your story with the community.


Contact me at: [email protected]

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  1. Well thank God I found something with some info. Hey ya’ll, I am a 39 year old mom of 5 kids and play co-ed softball with my husband in the spring and summer. Well on July 25, 2014 I got my tpf from a guy that was trying to steal second which I was covering. They were up by 13 and kicking our bottoms but this ding dong wanted more. So now, I am stuck in a brace and still waiting on the docs to tell me what comes next. He said my MRI was not clear enough to determine if there was more than the one fracture with 3 little trails or not, due to so much blood in my bone. This also made it unclear about the padding between the tibia and knee and if it was still in tacked. Has anyone ever heard of that before cause this is all new to me and with my family, if surgery is needed I would love to just get if over with. I’ve also been in a brace that the hospital gave me which holds everything straight and the other day i got one with hinges and tonight after my 13 year old son’s football game I was in tears and now have a knot that has popped up. Dear God please tell me I ain’t messed this sucker up worse! Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Ya’ll and u too Shlomi for this site, if anything it helps to deal with some of the frustrations that come along with this injury! God Bless ya!! And thanks for all the info you worked so hard at providing to all of us! It’s been a great help to me and my family.

    • Hi, SB MOM,

      I have been dealing with this injury since mid-May. Patience is a virtue, and this injury will test that virtue! Learn how to spend time doing things like watching movies, reading, sewing, and anything else that does not require legs. The sheer boredom and frustrations that come with that nearly has driven me insane from time to time. But, again, patience…TPFs take time and good self care (eat well, stay away from alcohol and smoking, get rest). Ice packs will become a good friend to you.

      The good news, you probably did not injure it anymore than what it was. More than likely it was already messed up and missed because of the imagines could not be read that well. Plus, there will be a lot of swelling and pain with TPF. Let yourself off that hook.

      When you talk to your doctor, ask about physical therapy and range of motion exercises for your knee, ankle, foot. I cannot tell you enough how important these two things are to getting your functioning leg back.

      Visit this site often. Its always good to read about how others have dealt with this very challenging and possible life-altering injury.

      Take care!

  2. Hello Everyone!
    I am really glad I stumbled upon this website tonight. I fractured my tibial plateau (playing whiffle ball of all things, friend slid into me) below my knee July 4, 2013, had surgery July 12, and was in the hospital for 2 nights (including my birthday, not so fun). I had tons of medications prescribed to me, including Lovenox that I had to inject everyday to prevent blood clotting. Super fun. I spent my entire summer on the couch, about 6 weeks, with my leg elevated. This injury showed me how many friends I had outside my family members that were there to support and help me. But there were the people that didn’t understand (including my boss at the time and I lost my job, which I hated anyway) that this wasn’t just a “normal” broken leg and some didn’t understand that the recovery on this type of injury takes so much more time, PT, and isn’t something where you can be back at work and/or to your normal life in two weeks. It was a long road for me, but despite all that, I still got back on my snowboard in November and had a fantastic season at the mountains with my friends. Doing the activities I love (and I was able to, the doctor cleared me) was so much more helpful when combined with PT. I got 34 days on the hill, but the more active I became, the more the plate and nine screws in my leg began to bother me. My doctor told me that after 9 months post op, I could have the plate removed…so this past Monday 6/9/14, I had them removed. Another 2 weeks on the couch but I can already tell that it was the best decision I’ve made this year. I already feel an improvement and I feel stronger, even though I can’t really walk quite yet, not for another week at least…but the surgery was an outpatient procedure that only took about an hour in the OR and I’ve had very little pain. My doctor says the discomfort that the plate caused will be almost completely gone, I may never be a marathon runner, but I don’t really like running anyway, I’m more into snowsports. If you have questions about having your hardware removed, I’d chat with your doctor, and if you can do it…DO IT!

  3. Hi all,
    My tpf happened 4/17 when I tried to bail off my bucking horse and my foot got momentarily hung up in the stirrup. At first I though the sound was all of my ligaments tearing but learned soon enough that is was my bone shattering into a few hundred pieces. Ugh. My doc says it’s a bad class V and I have 2 plates and many screws, supposed to be nwb for 12 weeks.
    Anyway, it has surely been life altering. I have 3 small kids, including an infant (how are you supposed to not carry your baby? Wtf) and the biggest challenge is definitely the mental one. I am an active 35 year old, was supposed to run a marathon on 6/1, hike, fish, ski, ride my ponies etc. This injury is very tough.
    I started pt pretty immediately and have just been working on rom and doing leg raises, hip openers and such. This week I got the ok to get in the pool for a bit of resistance and it has felt amazing! Just to be able to move and stretch! Definitely humbling and really makes you appreciate the small things. I have my next X ray on 5/16 (8 wks post surgery) and have such hope that he will tell me I can start some pwb stuff, but trying not to bank on it. I can bend to about 115 degrees and get extension to zero but not much hyper extension. And my quad is gone. Its awful but it is what it is.
    So while I feel that my tpf is going about as well as it could, I am experiencing tightness and immobility in my ankle and can’t acheive much dorsiflexion. Anyone else have that? Most of my pt sessions lately have been concentrating on this. My doc days is prob bc my calf muscle was so traumatized by bone pieces and that when I start to use it it should recover. I am still nervous about it bc it just doesn’t seem normal, but the exercises I am doing have helped a bit (a few degrees recovered) so I’ll just keep at it I guess.
    I understand that the recovery is long but I just feel that when I can somewhat walk again and be able to take care of my family that I will improve so much mentally. It’s weird that I miss putting away laundry, but I do! So much of the mental is just feeling out of control and out of touch with my kids and my husband because I really can’t do anything while on crutches. I love finding this site because it sounds like yall know what I’m feeling. I’m ready for the next phase of this recovery!

  4. I shattered my TP on 1/27/13 at 49 in slow speed motorcycle wipeout. Had compartment syndrome, it was a Grade VI and have 20 screws and 4 plates. Recovery has been very difficult but I have been quite dilegent with my therapy. I can straighten my leg completely but it will not hyperextend that 5 extra degrees like my good leg which is ok. I can’t quite bend it all the way either – about 2 inches from my heal to my butt. I feel a pressure in my shin and have numbness in my shin between my scars all the way down to my big toe. Getting my quad definition back is hard. It feels strong but it doesn’t look strong. I’m gonna keep working at it. Takes a lot of conscience effort to not favor the good leg. My goal it to get the ROM back and touch my arse with my heel.

    Just to let you know I too was very emotional during the early stage of healing. This injury takes so long to heal that I think it really plays on your mind. Not to mention the pain and fragility you feel. I mean, how was that when your doctor said, ” you can’t walk on it for 12 weeks.” 12 weeks! You’ve got to be kidding me! Well, I got through it and so will all of you. I’m not the same yet and may never be perfect but I’m feeling much, much better. I can walk several miles, ride a bike, surf, haven’t skied yet, can’t run, but that’s ok. Keep up the PT!

  5. Hi Ladies, my injury was 11/1/13 …Surgery.. 11/4/13 I Have a Type 5 it was shattered with 10 or more breaks I broke my tibia and fibula ,I have 2 plates and 10 screws, @Kim I have found thru reading many stories and facebook support group that the crying fits is actually very normal for this injury, your whole life has come to a painful,frustrating, screaching,halt. Don’t be hard on yourself .I cried for days and my MD said I have PTSD. I was traumatized we all are. I definately had my share as you get stronger mentally around weeks 6/7 for me, the pitying myself lessened lol,and meds helped.. Hang in there ladies it does get better.. I am also an active almost middle age woman lol,..ps going out in public helps, but is now my greatest fear!!! Very weird for me..

      • I found one on Facebook Kate. It’s called “Tibial Plateau Fracture Recovery.” It’s a closed group so you’ll need to request to join, but I’ve found it helpful. =)

    • Hi Michele,
      I’m doing much better (mentally anyway) than I was. My biggest issue (other than the TPF) at one point was simply SLEEP. I wasn’t sleeping in more than 45-min increments. After about 6 weeks of that, I was an emotional WRECK. My OS and PT finally recommended getting my primary care Dr. involved and she prescribed Ambien to me. What an absolute blessing that was. I regularly sleep now in 4-6 hour stretches at night and am much more capable of coping w/ recovery.

      The injury still SUCKS… and I’m heading towards 4 months into this and still on crutches, but I feel more in control of my emotions now. So for anyone experiencing the same things, please don’t hesitate to talk to your OS or Primary Care Dr. about getting a sleep aid. It makes a world of difference!

      • Kim,
        I had the exact same experience with the sleep issues. It was terrible until they gave me something to help me sleep. I was crying all the time and depressed. I should have asked for it earlier. It is so hard to go from such active life (I had my TPF while running and also have 2 toddlers) to nothing. I am 8 months post op now and finally feeling like things are better. Life will be normal again. I even am back to the gym on a regular basis!
        Good luck!

  6. Hi all, my TPF was on 11/24/13, surgery on 12/2/13. Our Harley went down in a pothole, and I landed on my right knee. The surgery was delayed because of the Thanksgiving holiday-I had a choice of having surgery the day before Thanksgiving or the Monday after. I thought that the attention I would get in the hospital would be less than optimal on the day before a holiday, so I waited. Boy was that a painful week! No matter how bad the pain has been post surgery, it has never been as bad as before.
    Funny that everyone knows what kind of hardware they have, I never saw the X-rays after surgery and never asked. I know I had a comminuted fracture, and they used bone putty and some metal. I am 60 years old and this is my first broken bone ever. 2-1/2 weeks post surgery I find that the pain is pretty manageable but the boredom is the worst!
    My incision is nearly healed and I find that getting around on one leg is doable with help. My husband has been an angel, but doing everything has been a lot for him. I finally hired a housekeeper to give him a break.
    I go back to the OS on 12/31 and I am praying that I will be allowed to be PWBAT. Deborah, I’ll be watching your progress since we are the same age and our injuries occurred around the same time. Maybe we can help each other.
    I do have a question for the community: my OS recommended Advil for the pain (I do NOT want to take narcotics). This site says not to take Advil as it slows healing. I am also a smoker so that would also slow the healing process. Anyone else have experience with this, and would you say that either Advil or smoking slowed your recovery?

    • Hi kate and deborah, Judy here. I had my accident 11.26.13 falling down a flight of stairs. All the mds stated are you sure you weren’t in a motorcycle accident! I am a young 56 yo with a 16 yo still at home. I had to give my dog to a friend for the duration of this; im afraid of falling over her! Im using a walker not crutches;(being a clod as demonstrated by my fall) i feel safer. I was able to shower after 2 weeks. what a relief. I cant do this by myself i feel safer with someone in the house. I never want to fall again. What I didnt mention is I am an RN. However I have never worked in Ortho so this is new to me. Kate this too is my first broken bone and the boredom is the worst. and daytime tv…. dont get me started!. Ive had 4 c-sections and a hysterectomy with tummy tuck; this is worse….the waiting to heal. I have not started PT yet and I dont think I will until the end of the 8 week mark. I feel like I should be doing something. So, Im stretching, and trying to bend moving my ankle as much as possible and loving this site. It helps to know Im not alone. Take care all and I will be following you Kate and Deborah; a club among the wounded!

  7. Hi everyone, My injury was on 11-29-13. A horse fell on me. I didn’t think it was broken at first as I was able to walk into the ER. Surgery was 12-4-13. I have a plate, screws and a bone graft. I seem to be doing ok so far. I want to get back to riding my horse. I miss my horse and I can’t even go visit him. Luckily, its my right leg so I will be able to lift myself up on my horse using my left leg. My house has six steps. The hardest part so far is trying to go up the stairs. I am trying to get prepared for my doctor appointment on the 12-16. I have been lucky that I have a physical therapist coming to the house (I am considered house bound). She has been teaching me how to be safe and use the wheelchair and walker correctly, go up and down the stairs. My doctor tells me that before I know it I will be using crutches to be mobile. I am glad I found this site.

    I am 60 years old and it’s getting hard to recover from these kind of injuries. I broke my arm 1 1/2 ago. Fell off my horse. The arm was nothing compared to this.

  8. Thank you for taking time to put together your thoughts and insight on this injury. You’re right — It’s very hard to find a lot of info on the injury and my OS doesn’t provide as much info as I’d like. I know no one can tell me when I’ll be back to “normal” again, but it’s handy to know the general stages so I can feel like I’m progressing. Overall, this is the HARDEST thing I have ever had to do. It is a life-changer — at least temporarily. And a huge burden on my family. I was ALWAYS extremely active — a mom w/ two girls ages 12 & 13. We are season pass holders for skiing… we hike… we have season’s passes to the area ropes course… we swim often… etc. And this injury on 9/5/13 brought our life to a screeching halt.

    Everyone expects you to be so much better already… and they rarely have any idea of the long road ahead you’re facing. My family sees the day to day struggle to resume normality — the exercises… the pain… the medication… the sleepless nights… the crying. But others rarely have a clue of what your life entails.

    The other thing no one tells you about is the depression that sets in afterward. My relationship w/ my spouse changed. Sex isn’t really happening at all right now and partly due to my erratic sleep schedule, my inability to move freely, and my husband’s fear of hurting me. And all I want to do is feel NORMAL again. I’m only 2 months in at this point so thinking it’s gonna take awhile and am crying while writing this. It’s a painful fact to face.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I hope your injury continues to heal and perhaps we can assist each other w/ ideas & commiseration along the way.

    Best Wishes,

    • Kim,
      This is almost my story you have written. You are so spot on when you say that most people have no idea of what it’s like unless they have gone through it. The depression and the long road – it seems never ending. I have been told that “it was only a broken leg, get over it!” Yeah, right – if only it were that simple.
      Hang in there – that’s all we can do …….. and do our exercises!
      Good luck to you Kim.

  9. Hi Everyone!
    I’ve added a forum page to the site so that other people can find and read everyone’s questions and their stories in one place.
    Feel free to use the forums for questions, answers, personal stories or anything else. I will be coming by there every once in while to answer questions if I am able to help.

  10. Hi Maria,
    I hope your situation improves. You will see it starts getting better quickly.
    If your PT recommends manipulation, you should probably follow his advice after consulting a doctor.
    There could be various reasons that mean you would need that kind of treatment.

  11. Hi Shlomi, my name is Maria. My TPF occurred Sept 04, 2013.I fell off a ladder and my surgery was Sept 13 , 2013. Honestly I started my therapy at two weeks after, because insurance problems. My situation is the PT toll me is better for mi the manipulation under anesthesia. I am very scary about that. I really need start driving and doing my stuff by my self. My next appointment to see the doctor is on the 27 this month. I feel sad, depressed, I cry very often .. I feel lost and dependent on others. Please tell me what do you think or what do you recommended..thank for this web site and apologies because my English is no to good. Maria

  12. My injury was on 10/25/13. I have two very large dogs , one is 100 lbs and the other is 65 lbs and they run and chase each other around the yard. On Friday I was not paying attention and the 100 lb dog, Cassie a large golden/hound mix run directly into my left leg and I went down on my right side! OMG, I was hoping it was not too bad, but on Saturday evening I went to the ER and had an x-ray and Ct scan. I was given a brace and a walker for NWB condition. I go today to see the doctor. I read a lot of items on your web site and I appreciate it, however, I got to get back to work?! Thank you and I will be back checking in.

    • My 175 pound Irish Wolfhound ran into my leg. We were out for a walk in Feb /14 just before bed. I had a long crawl home in the snow to get help. My sweety of a dog thought all of this was great fun. She kept pulling on the pom pom of my wool hat and wanted to play. Mom was down on the ground. Oh Boy!

  13. In May 2009, I was walking in a crosswalk and hit by a bicycle resulting in a TPF type 11. I still have 2 plates and 12 screws in my leg. Recovery from TPF is a long road, I still can’t do everything that I did prior to the accident. Druing my recovery I have focused on waht I can do – not what I can’t do. Thanks to Shlomi for starting this site. Janna

  14. Thank you for this website. My tpf occurred on April 7, 2013 and it has been a long recovery for me. My doctor delayed physical therapy until I was almost 5 months our from my injury. The PT has been very helpful and will always wish that I had started earlier. THANK YOU!

  15. I think I don’t understand how to use the website. I read through a lot of it but when I clicked on FAQ and under FAQ, clicked on Should I get my hardware removed, and What are suitable exercises for the ankle, but got no info on either one. Please help me on how to navigate these questions under FAQ.


    • Hi Leslie,
      This site is still in construction, so new information is being added every week to fill in missing parts.
      If you have a specific question you can also ask on the new community forum and I or someone else will be more than happy to answer any question

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