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My Name is Shlomi.

I suffered my Tibial Plateau fracture type III on 05.01.13, I got hit by a car while crossing the street on a pedestrian crossing, Surgery on 16.01, FWB on 01.03, and to the date of writing this (21.09) I am still in recovery.

I built this webpage after having felt that there is not enough information about TPF, and specifically the recovery period and the personal aspect involved, such as the effects of the injury on daily life. Im also hoping that by finding this site visitors will find it easier to reach all the other information and communities out there on the web.

Feel free to look around and to contact me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Welcome to the club, and I hope you find site is useful.

Please use the forum page to share your story with the community.


Contact me at: [email protected]

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  1. Hello I broke my left TPF December 2015 long recovery 12 weeks in brace started physiotherapist end of March,can now walk and go a full circle around my stationary bike. Went to physotherapy until mid September then decided to countinue on my own. I do my excercises three times a day and walk as much as I can tolerate. I still get tired quickly but I just keep going slowly and hope the day will come when I don’t have to worry about my leg. I thank my doctors and physiotherapist for all their help and knowledge. Just take it slow and you will get better.

  2. My name is Mike. I broke my Tibial Platuea on 7-10-2016. I’m 37 years old and other than a few extra lbs in good health. I have some nice hardware including 2 plates 14-17 screws. I was playing basketball and went up for a layup then upon my return to earth the leg gave way and I collapsed. I had two external fixators to allow soft tissue to heal. I only had two because the first wasn’t done correctly. July 10-October 25 non weight bearing but was in PT twice a week since 6 weeks post op. I’m currently 6 days full weight bearing as tolerated and still moving around with my walker. The swelling which was really bad has began to get better but there is still lots of weakness in my leg. I hope to be walking independently by the middle of December. It’s so nice to have a place where you can talk to others who have experienced this injury because it’s slow and very frustrating at times. Work hard and never give up!

  3. Hang in there..I am 1.5 years out from fratures . About to put a rod in lower leg. Using knee scooter in place of crutches. Last surgery in march 2016. Removed unneeded screws etc. Then developed wound problems with drainage..about to have surgery to clean that up.when fully healed can have the rod put in. Mike c from north texas.

    • Hi it’s 11 weeks since I had my tf I also tore off all 4 ligaments in my knee.and dislocated my knee joint I have a 5 inch king cracking down the bone and various fractures on the top surface .I gad it operated on 4 days after my fall the consultant put in two plates and 6 srews also covered the top of the tibia with bone grafts .I was at the docs last week and he seemed happy with it but still condemned me to another 4 weeks non weight bearing .I wear a full leg brace I can bend and straighten my knee my ankle is very stiff and swells a lot .also I have found my knee is now swelling .the doc said I could take off the brace to get a bath .he said I could do whatever I wanted but no weight bearing .what I wanted to ask is since taking my brace off I now leave it off overnight and around the house but my knee is now swelling .am I going to far in leaving it off during the day my knee did not swell when I wore it all the time .or is it yet another healing process that I will have to work through .it’s all a learning curve I was shocked to read folks saying a year down the line they still have problems .I only fell off my caravan step while unpacking from my holidays . So basically would I be better leaving my brace on or taking it off thanks folks ..judith ps what’s cuping and what’s a knee scooter

  4. Hi there,
    I like to share my story I’m 25 years old girl & I hope to find people who still have hope
    Two years ago I got hit by motorcycle while I was standing on the walk side!!! yes, that right he have to come through me to avoid car or some thing anyway,
    I had a nasty broken tibia plateau type II (lateral split & depression ) my bone was smashed to many little pieces & my doctor cant collect it so he has to take graft from my iliac crest to can put bones together (one plate & 8 screws ) also I had a fracture in my face & this also need plates & surgeries
    those are the tough days but I will tell you that all my doctors say I’m hopeless case also my physiotherapist every one I had told me I cant reach the full range no one can do it
    except two of them
    my doctor who do my surgery & my last physiotherapist they believe I can do it >>after removal of cast & after 6 months of bending my Knee with all painful & exercise no progress my leg stop at 90 degree & I had to do another operation arthroscopy it was great & successful operation
    I have to bend my leg after that but all I take was 1 month only & I reach FULL RANGE yup ,
    but what a sad world ….
    I cant walk !! & I have an arthritis due to alot of surgeries so I have to inject
    I prefare PRP I know its new but my doctor Recommend it that as I’m still young
    I do it 3 times & I feel great no pain & I can walk of course not like before my accident but I can .
    now I still suffering from limb & I can’t gain my muscle mass in my injured leg & its obvious the difference betw. the two of them
    I try every thing of lifting weights & exercise but no progress I began to feel depressed & I prefare to be alone & not contact others so much because I have to go out

    I do a lot & I achieve a lot too but I can’t get my muscle back & if I can’t I will be in this terrible cycle of injection
    my advice
    NEVER ever lose hope .. you can do it I can bend & stretch my leg to the full range each
    it take time & patience & of course a lot of pain
    now (I limb & cant walk like I was & my muscle mass is a disaster & I don’t have any one my physiotherapist is gone 🙁
    he pass away as an old man I ‘m sad & disappointed there is no one can offer the help you need & give you notes, follow your progress & believe in you .
    he was a great man all I have now my orthopedic doctor & he only want me to strenght my leg & can bear 10 kilogram
    I can’t do it alone & I’m finished for now.

    • Sam,

      You can use an ice pack to help with swelling and pain. Just don’t put it direct on your skin, wrap it in a cloth and then apply to the affected area. Apply the pack for no more than 10 minutes then remove it (put it back in the freezer) and don’t apply again for at least 60 minutes.

      If you massage the area gently that should help with stiffness but the best help is from a professional (I use an osteopath). Read up on it on the web and don’t give up hope of regaining what you lost. Stay strong young lady and I truly hope you find your way back to good health.

      Phil (50+ male) got my TPF from helping a friend to fell some trees 7 months back.

  5. I had a tibial fracture on Jan.9th 2016. I started therapy three weeks later. I’m sixty eight years old. I had surgery on 01/10/2016. Was sent home two days later with a walker and a commode. Pain galore, pills didn’t help very much. My whole leg stiff. I was in bed for three weeks totally depressed thank God my husband of fifty one years was my rock. Now it’s been ten weeks I’m better but still have swelling in my ankle and pain. I get around with a cane. ( I only go to therapy) I live in a three story house and I have to go up the stairs on my butt. I’d like to know when I’ll be able to be independent and much more active? Your site is great.

  6. My fracture happened the same way as yours. Friends tell me no one washes walls anymore. I’m so glad there is one other person. Sounds like you are coming along very well. I know how you feel about the medical profession. We are just one more patient to them. They don’t understand that we have no knowledge or understanding of what is happening and what should be happening. Best of luck!

  7. I suffered a tibial plateau fracture on 9/11/15, well it was actually a crush they tell me, when I fell off a ladder cleaning. No surgery but am recovering well now and just wanted to say how interesting and helpful your forum is when I found it on line today. Got quite annoyed with hospital as not a lot of information given out but appreciate they are very busy with lots of broken bones but needed some sort of reassurance, after initial confusion, and eventually got it.

    4/3/16 and can just about walk without a crutch but very slowly. I do have a pre-existing condition which has not helped, Multi-focal Motor Neuropathy for which I received immunoglobulin treatment and my neurologist said I already had the ankle trouble on the left with that which is problematic. However, despite that progressing well.

    Best regards

  8. I had my fracture May 31, 2015, and just had 2 plates and 10 screws removed Jan. 6, because they were causing discomfort and inability to move to the extent I had been able to a couple of months ago. I was afraid of the consequences, when you know what you are currently dealing with, but don’t know what have the plates and screws removed will bring. I am very happy that I had it done. While there is still some discomfort, it’s not to the extent it was before and I believe and doc says give it 2-4 months and the bones where the mental was removed will be healed.

  9. I broke both bones above my ankle Oct 2014 needed 2 surgeries which resulted in 10 screws and 2 plates. No we at bearing for 3 months. Then.a cane. Of of that 4 months. Recent x ray show the plates are broken and several screws need to come out. To this day still have some pain. Have a slight limp.still 30 percent numbness. I Need to have it all removed. Wish me luck.

  10. Hi. Just found this website and appreciate it’s a place for good information and to commiserate. My injury occurred on July 1, 2015, and surgery was 7 days later. So far physically I think things are going well. My mental state is another story as I deal with going from being very busy and involved to sitting in a wheelchair! Just wanted to say thanks for those who have written about their experiences here; and I will appreciate coming back to this site to delve into everyone’s stories and suggestions. Stay/get well!

    • Hope K , I know what you mean , It is frustrating , Im 4 years 9 months down the road, Im pretty much back to normal, but No running No Jumping , No break-dancing, but other than that Im back to normal, you get good days and bad days, but the one thing that helped me was Hydro thearapy , really worked for me I had a type VI 16/02/2011 op 24/02/2011 and you have to do your exercises from your pt, but I know it can play havoc with your mental state! it did me as well. but you have to dust yourself off and keep going, I was very active , and you have to make a few changes in your life as well, because you should not kneel on it if you are sitting for a while at a desk, do yourself a favour and get yourself a skateboard, as you can exersize it while sitting, once your PT and doc clears you to do it.

      warm baths help

  11. I am 4 weeks into recovery. I’m usually a high energy person, but finding I tire easily. When do you regain strength so you don’t feel like resting so much?

    • Hi Pat , it takes a while as I asked the same question to my PT , He said how many breaks have you got ? I said 3 so he then said , well dont you think it takes energy to repair a break ? so I said, I guess so ! he then said “it does ! and you have 3 breaks so they each take the same amount of energy to heal so you are using 3 x the energy. no wonder I was tired so quickly, because I am a I.T. Consultant I thought I was going to do 8 hrs straight …. errr NO !!! 90 mins and that was my lot , had to rest, so do it in little chunks amd build it up ! hope this helps ..

  12. A month ago me and my family met with a car accident . By God’s grace my husband and 2 boys have recovered . I had to undergo surgeries in both my legs. Tibia and k wire surgery . The procedure and healing time is very hard as there is discomfort, depression , pain and misery. I am just praying and hanging in there.the site is really helpful and motivating . Thank you

  13. Hi there. My TPF was last August. Yes, over a year ago. I had a 2 and 4 yo at the time and I was stuck sitting in a chair for almost 3 months. Thank God that my husband was there to help and I had daycare to send the kids to. Another lifesaver (and sanity saver) was the fact that I was able to work from home. I was going crazy in those two weeks before surgery when I was on so many pain meds I couldn’t do anything. (Honestly, I just cried most of the time.) I know how you’re feeling right now. You have an idea of how bad this really is, you don’t want accept it, and you just want the healing process to start NOW! I get it! You do have to be patient. I was finally able to start walking again in December but then found out my knee was also screwed up and had to go back to surgery. I was able to walk again at the end of January, but with pain and limping. Now I am walking without a limp, my leg still hurts on most days but is tolerable, I still limp on stairs as it still hurts then, but am able to do most things that I used to be able to do. This injury is the real deal! It is hard, painful, and nearly impossible to accept that it happened to you. ( you were just playing SB, right. I was just out for a jog and tripped on a broken sidewalk.) You’ll get through this but it will take patience and help. Let people help you. Your kids can do more than you think they can. Trust me. My 4 year old was a lifesaver! Good luck and keep a positive attitude the best you can. I know it seems aweful now, but it could always be worse.

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