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My Name is Shlomi.

I suffered my Tibial Plateau fracture type III on 05.01.13, I got hit by a car while crossing the street on a pedestrian crossing, Surgery on 16.01, FWB on 01.03, and to the date of writing this (21.09) I am still in recovery.

I built this webpage after having felt that there is not enough information about TPF, and specifically the recovery period and the personal aspect involved, such as the effects of the injury on daily life. Im also hoping that by finding this site visitors will find it easier to reach all the other information and communities out there on the web.

Feel free to look around and to contact me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Welcome to the club, and I hope you find site is useful.

Please use the forum page to share your story with the community.


Contact me at: [email protected]

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  1. I’m almost 5 weeks post Tibial Plateau Surgery. I have 4 kids. Ages 12, 6, 3, and 2. I also was running a daycare out of my home before I was injured. My husband moved to 3rd shift so he’s home (sleeping) if I ever have an emergency that I need him for during the day. But it’s very hard to chase after little ones let alone take care of myself in a big 2 story home. I only used my walker for about a week. It didn’t work great with our carpet. I use crutches. My hands and wrists hurt very bad and I find myself going without for short distances cuz it’s easier. For the last two weeks I’ve noticed pain from my knee down to my ankle being very severe at night so bad that I’d cry. Today and yesterday it’s sharp pain in my shin. Again so bad I’m in tears and no meds are touching it. I wonder if I haven’t maybe messed up the graft or plate or screws from sitting how they were supposed to. I’m very fearful that I’ve messed up and will have to start all over. Anyone have any of these issues before?

  2. I had my tibial plateau fracture I was told by my orthopedic surgeon that mine had fractured into 6 pieces . He used bone cement along with screws & hardware. I’d never seen a surgery where so many fractures were repaired. I also had a fracture of long part of my tibia . It was 4 yrs total time in healing. I also had minuscus damage repaired at time of fractures repair. My calf muscle now ,12 yrs after my 2005 repair sticks out on front of my rt calf. Is there any surgery I can see that would be close to my surgery I can watch? I never seen a severe damage repair as mine? I only found small fractures repaired? Can you help me to see a surgery like mine in 2005?

  3. i have a question.had surgery for right lateral tibial plateau fracture on june 13 2017. just now beginning to put 50% pressure on leg. my job requires me to stand and walk all nite plus i do a lot of kneeling.it is a physical job.my disability ran out do to the fact that i am not 100% disabled. according to my duties i have to be able to bend,kneel,and stand all nite. how long will my recoop take and will i ever be able to do these activities at work?

  4. Thanks so much for the informative site! This has been a great resource! I had surgery a couple of days ago to repair a TPF caused by my 74 pound labrador retriever accidentally running into the side of my knee at top speed. They had to put in an L-shaped metal plate and four screws to hold the bone together again, and are saying it will be 12 weeks before I’m ready for FWB. I’m still getting the hang of crutches, but can tell it will get easier with time, especially once the swelling from surgery starts to go down. Great to be able to read other stories of recovery here.

  5. Hi! I’m almost 3 years since my type 5 displaced tpf, suffered from a horse wreck. I had 2 plates and 14 screws in my leg. Surgeon said he pulled about 200 pieces of bone out of my leg. Recovery was a full 12 weeks NWB and it took a few more to be completely crutch free. I worked hard at PT throughout. Its a long road. I was back to pretty much normal activity except I can not (and probably never will) touch my heel to my butt, and it was uncomfortable to step in a hole or run. I also haven’t skied yet. Most of my discomfort was in my shin where it felt like my muscle was being impeded by a screw. I decided to have my hardware removed in December, hoping hoping that the remaining discomfort was due to the metal. Of course scheduling another surgery was a tough decision and the idea of being down again was daunting, but y’all, it has made such a difference! Postholing through snow is no longer an issue and I just went for a 2 mile run and finally my leg wasn’t the thing that made me pull up (I’m just out of running shape). Anyway, I hope this helps someone out there who is weighing whether or not to have their hardware removed. For me, keeping the leg moving and working has been key, even when I couldn’t put weight on it. And just take it one day at a time. The weeks will go by and you will get back on your feet. I was so glad to have this forum during the dark days of recovery and hope that you all heal well. Cheers!

    • Hi Sharon, I think thats entirely up to you and your operating surgeon. I’ve read that many people do not have the option of having it removed, where others need to have it removed as they may develop arthritis and may need a knee replacement in the future. I’ve also read a lot of other peoples experiences on the facebook tibial plateau recovery group, and so far most people say their range of motion is better, and pain decreased since hardware removal. At the moment I’m 11 weeks post surgery, and I hate that the cold makes my leg ache, I believe its due to my hardware as the cold and pressure create pain for many with these injuries. Good luck on your recovery.

  6. Thank you for creating this web site Sclomi. I’m glad I finally got your site on my google search. I was also ran over crossing the street, by a car making a left turn. The car didn’t stop they dragged me and then fractured my tibia and left me there. I’m 7 weeks post op, a metal plate and 10 screws later still NWB. Just reading other people’s stories has helped me so much it’s been inspiring to hear that it does get better. Thank you

  7. My daughter had tibial plateau fracture of both knees at the same time after falling in PE at school. She had surgery to her left knee and fixed with screws. Its been awful tor her ! She was non weight bearing on her right leg for 6 weeks and 12 weeks on her left leg. She has been able to weight bear since December and is doing brilliantly. Tottering around and crutches and with our support is now going up and down the stairs. We were surprised how long it takes to recover from and the continuous pain. With lots of physio we are hoping that she will regain full movement in her knees and she can live life again ???? good luck to you all.

  8. Judith. I just passed the 2 year mark since my fractured ankle. I went to a new surgeon this summer and had a new series of surgeries. Removed all unneeded screws in my ankle and lower shin bone. 6 weeks after the last surgery I am in a large boot and on one crutch. It feels much better and the swelling still exists but is much benter. I should be walking normally by late December. These are very complicated breaks, joints, tendons and muscles are all damaged, stay positive and wear the Brace if doctor advises, healing is a slow process. I will probably have problems the rest of my life but I have done all I can. Stay in touch. A knee scooter is a 4 wheel and handle bar device used for lower leg ingenies. Google it for photos. Been a life saver. Mike in texas

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